Tawanda Freeman-Thompson

Writes what she loves


I have been writing almost since I could read. I started by writing short stories in blank hardcover storybooks my school counselor would give me and then there was no end to the urge write something. I had wanted to be a writer since then, but also wanted to be a psychologist or teacher. I had a school assignment in Jr High School to write a poem and I've been poem writing ever since. I love all writing (including research papers), but there's no writing I like better than writing manuals and guide books. I'm currently working on my very first guide book for computer users. Writing allows you to become or express anything in the pages of a book.

Out of the Storm
     Book of Poems

Emotional poems detailing abuse, manipulation, selfish intent, abandonment, and the strength to accept no more of it. This book includes an exerpt from a work in progress with the working title of "Reflections".

Shadows: Book of Poems

Book of poems (updated for 2014) on several subjects: Love, Writing, Friendship, Betrayal, Death, Beauty, Perceptions, Expectations, Anxiety, and Humor.

Available in print only at CreateSpace.com, Amazon.com, and LuLu.com

Also available as an Ebook on: Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Google Market, iTunes, Smashwords.com, Booktango.com and others.

Shadows: Mini Poembook

Mini sized version of Shadows: Poems. Small enough to fit in a purse or large back pocket. I guess it's about the size of one of those large Galaxy Note 3 phones. Available only on LuLu.com